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    It is the emphasising of art and of culture. Museums in permanent or temporary exhibitions, here is so many choices allowing you to open in classical or contemporary art. Many thematic museums are to discover, they pay tribute to a job, a site or to a character.
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музеи,экспозиции в Villeneuve-sur-Lot

Atelier-Galerie Corinne Vilcaz

corinne VILCAZ Chemin de massanès 47300 Villeneuve-sur-Lot (Lot-et-Garonne)
телефон : 05 53 41 49 69  - сотовый телефон : 06 75 97 69 52
CONTEMPORARY ART : OILS and WATERCOLOUR PAINTINGS ; the artist Corinne Vilcaz (cotation Drouot Paris) proposes a large presentation of her contemporary works, in which figuration and abstraction use ...
фотография de Maison des Gens de Garonne
  • Высокий сезон 7€ к 10€

музеи,экспозиции в Couthures-sur-Garonne

Maison des Gens de Garonne

Philippe Marmiesse Rue Lacave 47180 Couthures-sur-Garonne (Lot-et-Garonne)
телефон : 05 53 20 67 76
Один час вблизи Marmande и Бордо, дом людей Garonne говорит вам все или почти на Гаронна. Здесь жители деревни ...

музеи,экспозиции в Sos

pastels tilleuls

Patrice COUSIN ch du Stade 47170 Sos (Lot-et-Garonne)
телефон : 05 53 65 39 57
Artist's studio.
Patrice Cousin, pastel artist, welcomes you to his workshop and exhibition to show its productions, on weekends and holidays from May to September-15h-19h.

Patrice Cousin remains ...
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