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    Local heritage
    Bridges, viaducts, fountains, dams or still archeological vestiges, here is that is the local heritage. So many constructions in cities and villages or in their neighborhoods which look of the character to the landscape
4 in Aquitaine.
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Patrimonio locale a Vensac

Moulin de Vensac dans le Médoc

Famille PIQUEMAL 19 route du moulin 33590 Vensac (Gironde)
Tel : 05 56 09 45 00
Discover this 19th century windmill, still in use today, in the Medoc region. A thirty minutes visit will reaveal the secrets of producing flour the oldfashioned way. Winner of 1985 prize for the best ...

Patrimonio locale a Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

Pont de Cubzac dit pont Eiffel

Association vivre avec le fleuve 80 av de la Garonne 33440 Saint-Vincent-de-Paul (Gironde)
Tel : 06 48 64 37 23
The "Cubzac Bridge" or "Eiffel Bridge," is a point history of crossing of the Dordogne between Cubzac - The - Bridges and Saint - Vincent - - Paul since 1839, this structure magnificent, a jewel of ...

Patrimonio locale a Lespielle

Moulin à eau Bellegarde en activité

CAZENAVE 8, chemin du Bourg 64350 Lespielle (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)
Tel : 05 59 68 50 06  - Cellulare : 06 84 93 47 88
Vous avez choisi les Pyrénées Atlantiques, le Béarn (64350), venez visiter le moulin à eau Bellegarde du XIVs , son fonctionnement, son musée d'outils anciens, la bluterie, visites sur ...

Patrimonio locale a Guîtres

Train Touristique à vapeur Guîtres Marcenais

SIMION Philippe 13 Avenue de la Gare 33230 Guîtres (Gironde)
Tel : 05 57 69 10 69
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