Exposition tixa tixador

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exposition Tixa Tixador

from March 29 2012 to March 29 2017 mana 24600 Ribérac (Dordogne) atelier contempora 40 rue notre dame 24600 ribérac
Phone : 05 53 90 47 43
The Atelier Contempora will host Tixa Tixador from 1 to 29 March; the opening will be held Saturday, March 4, from 18: 00 to 20:30. about: sculptor, painter, poet, whatever may be the discipline or working the material, Tixador works possess a unit, they look at each other as we turn the pages of a book. Each of his compositions is a chapter that tells a story. The artist touches to the essentials; we journey into the unknown, life is only a passage... Like beasts of burden carry their homes on their backs, the memory is full, we travel in the meanders. The soul of time rustles between sentences and print in a continuous movement...
Educated in the arts, Tixador transfigures what there is more profound in us, this intimate sense of fragility of things and beings. Inked paintings, to the stylized calligraphy, elegant simplicity, establishes connections between the condition of him be predestined and infinity of possibilities.
Linen panels in this continuity, time has taken its toll, but the original spirit remains. Memorial reminiscences, resurgences of ancient civilizations, superimposed prints in our genes. Like so many whispers, the ochre of the Earth and rust of the stones keep authenticity first and the magic.
Text / Gallery Lighthouse South Gruissan
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